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Program Award Book Guidelines




  1. Winning Program Award Books will receive vouchers for FCE educational materials in the following amounts:
    1st place-$350; 2nd place-$200; 3rd place-$75
    Winners will be recognized at the Annual Conference

  2. Create a format that allows a wider audience to view successful National FCE programs completed in states.

  3. Create a format for FCE members to become more skilled in:

    1. Program award presentation

    2. Marketing FCE visually and verbally

    3. Writing reports and designing displays, as a way to develop leadership skills.

  4. Provide incentives for grass root members to participate in and attend Annual Conferences.

  5. The Program Award Books/Displays at Conference will give states the incentive to do a program/project as a way to supplement their funds.


Each state may enter


for work done in the previous year. A program/project may be submitted in only one category.



Categories are:EDUCATION: Researched information presented as instruction to further an individual’s learning in that topic
LEADERSHIP: Guiding a program/project from beginning to end, using training methods that empower students to teach others, involving other groups in a project.
ACTION: DOING – (work, read, cook, build, make) Community service, networking with 1 or more groups, taking education the next step to action.

EDUCATION, LEADERSHIP and ACTION: can be applied in all program areas.

 AREAS: Health, Home and Community Environment, Leadership Skills, International, Youth Education, & Literacy.
PROGRAMS: Hearth Fire series, FCE Program Notebooks, FCL Topics, CHARACTER COUNTS!, Building Membership ~ Marketing FCE, ACWW and FCE’s International Programs and Projects, and educational programs presented at National Conference.


Prepare Program Award Books on standard 8 ½ x 11 paper and staple together. DO NOT enclose in plastic or decorative folders. The Program Award Book must be received at National FCE Headquarters by April 15. Copies will be mailed by Headquarters to the appropriate board members. The original Program Award Book submitted with the Brochure at the National Conference may be in a decorative cover. Program Award Books/Display Boards which do not follow the GUIDELINES will not be awarded monetary prizes.

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