Benefits of Joining FCE


FCE is unique, it appeals to members on many levels...members with such a huge diversity of interests have found a common bond in "Family Community Education."


  • Learn current information on family issues, women's health issues and other timely matters in a supportive, social group. (for address of local group in your area, click on name of state president)

  • Educational programs on many topic for personal use.

  • Leadership development programs for personal growth.

  • Information on public policy issues and ways to become involved, also the opportunity and the group support/identity to use the leadership training as a force for change in communities (or a larger arena).

25 BENEFITS OF BEING A NATIONAL FCE MEMBER     (Print the 25  Benefits)
1. Recognition as a member of a national organization

2. Receive member services and benefits from the national corporate office

3. Place orders, receive up-to-date information and access to related links on the National FCE website –

4. FCE TODAY, the national newsletter 

5. National FCE state contacts and other valuable information online

6. Liability insurance available for FCE sponsored activities

7. 10% discount on FCE promotional and educational materials: Hearth Fire Series, road signs. brochures, flag sets, organizational jewelry, leadership materials, etc.

8. Networking opportunities with member states and other national organizations and agencies

9. Opportunity to attend National FCE conferences around the country with workshops, speakers, and planned tours

10. FCE produced educational materials, programs and publications

11. Meet people from different cultures and locales

12. Opportunity to develop leadership skills in a supportive manner

13.  Opportunity for Family Community Leadership (FCL)certification

14. FCE Certificates and awards available

15. 10% discount on AVIS rental cars

16. Membership affiliation with CHARACTER COUNTS! coalition

17. Affiliation with the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) – which includes consultative status at the United Nations

18. Work on ACWW resolutions, attend Triennial conferences, and learn about women in other countries

19. Aid women and children with FCE projects in India

20. Opportunity to work together to improve children’s television and media through the FCE Family ChoicE-Media project

21. Be a part of and celebrate National FCE Week in your community

22. FCE’s own unique Adventures of FCE Friends Storybooks and  stuffed toys (FCE Friends) that teach good character

23. Participate in “National FCE Day of the Family”

24. Community projects that work from around the country and can  be duplicated in your community

25. Make a Difference in your family, your community and the world


Start taking advantage of your FCE membership benefits now!

  • Opportunities to meet in local support groups

  • Informal education on personal issues

  • Leadership training with supportive mentors

  • A voice in Washington DC and the UN (United Nations)

  • A network that "makes a difference"


No one cares like we do.
FCE members have cared about families and communities for more than 70 years.

Since 1936, FCE members have named and understood the issues of the day and then worked to help families gain control and gain some ground.

Together, we've helped to:

  • start the school lunch program

  • put program ratings on your TV

  • educate about seat belt safety & lobby for seat belt laws

  • activate rural bookmobiles

  • reduce estate taxes


Today, just as in 1936, there is so much to do--let's roll up our sleeves together.

We are an organization of volunteers. Our annual dues provide continuing education and leadership training opportunities for members, program materials, public service announcements, information on legislative issues impacting your family, and a newsletter. If you believe in what we do, join FCE today!


Member through state organization:

 Individual $25.00

 Family $35.00

 Senior (80+ yrs.) $21.50

Youth  $5.00

National Supporting Member Prices:




How to send dues:
Individuals and families who have continuing membership through their county or state association pay dues through local treasurers in September and October. National members-at-large, not affiliated through a state association, send dues directly to National FCE Headquarters using the Membership Form. (Contact FCE Headquarters for details). 

State treasurers are responsible for sending the master list of members to county treasurers to be corrected when dues are collected at the local level in September and October. State treasurers are responsible for sending national membership dues and membership forms to the National FCE Treasurer by December 1st, and the corrected listing of individual and family members to FCE Headquarters before December 1st. New members are encouraged to join at anytime. Send to:


National FCE Treasurer

National FCE Headquarters
73 Cavalier Blvd. Suite 106
Florence, KY  41042