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History of National FCE


The National Association for Family and Community Education has been a strong voice in promoting a healthier and better life for individuals, families, and communities. Building on the strength of the family as the center of a strong citizenry, FCE has a rich history of accomplishments.


Assembling in Washington, D.C. in 1936, a determined group of rural farm women had a vision... to strengthen adult education, to share their good sense and experience for improvement of home and community life, and to initiate and promote projects of national importance for the protection of the American family. That vision became the mission of the newly formed organization..


Early efforts focused on support for a national school lunch program, development of local public health services, immunization programs for children, implementation of the first bookmobiles, and national safety programs. Recent efforts resulted in the establishment of the content-based television programming system for children and families.


Keeping pace with the evolving needs of society, FCE focuses today on three major concerns:

A) CONTINUING EDUCATION: FCE provides curriculum for members to help adults, youth and children to fulfill their potential as viable, contributing members of society;

B) DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP: FCE provides training for emerging leaders and opportunities to practice techniques to develop confidence for leadership positions. Family Community Leadership (FCL) is FCE's certified leadership development program which enables citizens to better understand issues and to impact public policy relating to families and communities. It provides a structure to learn leadership skills and offers opportunities to practice these skills, developing confidence in leadership positions.

C) COMMUNITY ACTION: FCE conducts an annual nationwide campaign to bring awareness for the positive effect television programming can have on children and their families. FCE members provide opportunities for individuals, families and communities to join them in improving literacy for adults and children, practicing environmental stewardship, promoting health and nutrition, and role modeling ethical values.

Times change, but the needs of people remain the same. The strength of the National Association for Family and Community Education is the commitment of its membership in caring for and sharing with others.


 Ora Roop (Guy), VA     1936-39

Lyda Lynch Hall, KY 1940-42

Jenny Killey (Leonard J.), IL   1943-45

Hattie Reiner (J. Wayne), WV 1946-48

Una Byrne (Malcolm), LA 1949-51

Jennie Williams, WY 1952-54

Abby Remsburg (J. Homer), MD 1955-57

Evelyn Alden (Verne), KS 1958-60

Lucille Greene (Homer A.), MS 1961-63

Mabel Survant (E.L.), CO 1964-66

Lola Smith (Wilmer), TX 1967-69

Shirlee Blackner (Keith), WY 1970-72

Fayola Muchow (Martin), SD 1973-75

Donna Agness (Richard), IN 1976-78

Charline Warren (Merlin), WA 1979-81

Marjorie Griffin (Stuart), OR 1982-84

Eleanor Whittemore (Frank), NH 1985-87

Betty Hilbert (Alfons), WI 1988-90

Judy Weinkauf (Don), OK 1991-94

Oarlene Wingate (Tim), HI 1995-97

Judy DeWitz (Loren), ND 1998-00

Harriet Steenson (Larry), NE 2001-2003

Margaret Mai, AZ 2004-2006

Carolyn Ropp (Don), FL 2007-2009

Bettie Lucas (Scott), WV 2009-2010

Judy Fullmer (Lamar), KS 2010-2012

Bonnie Teeples (Scott), OR 2013-2015

Lynn Maples (Bill), MO 2016-2018

Ardyce Snyder,  ND 2019-2022 (4 yrs)

Judy Fullmer (Lamar) KS 2022-2025






Ardyce Snyder 2019-2022

Lynn Maples 2016-2018

Bonnie Teeples - ACWW.jpg
Judy - Cropped 1.png

Bonnie Teeples


Judy Fullmer 2010-2012


Bettie Lucas.jpg

Betty Lucas


If you have any pictures of other past presidents, please email them to Scott Teeples at or contact him at 541-891-6456 (call or text)

Carolyn Ropp JPEG.jpg

Carolyn Ropp


Harriet Steenson001.jpg
Margaret Polen c.jpg

Margaret Mai Polen


Judy DeWitz001.jpg
Oarlene Wingate b.jpg

Orlene Wingate


Lyda Lynch JPEG.jpg

Lynda Lynch Hall



1936 Washington, DC 

1937 Manhattan, KS

1938 Lexington, KY 

1939 State College, PA

1940 W. Lafayette, IN

1941 Nashville, TN 

1942 Kansas City, MO 

1943 Chicago, IL 

1944 Chicago, IL

1945 Chicago, IL

1946 Omaha, NE 

1947 Jackson's Mill, WV

1948 Tulsa, OK 

1949 Colorado Springs, CO 

1950 Biloxi, MS 

1951 East Lansing, MI 

1952 Raleigh, NC 

1953 Boston, MA 

1954 Washington, DC 

1955 Chicago, IL 

1956 San Antonio, TX

1957 Columbus, OH 

1958 Wichita, KS 

1959 Portland, OR 

1960 Madison, WI 

1961 Orono, ME 

1962 Lexington, KY 

1963 Little Rock, AR 

1964 Honolulu, HI 

1965 W. Lafayette, IN 

1966 Fort Collins, CO  

1967 Brookings, SD  

1968 San Juan, PR  

1969 Blacksburg, VA  

1970 Las Vegas, NV  

1971 Dallas, TX  

1972 Baltimore, MD  

1973 East Lansing, MI  

1974 Urbana-Champaign, IL  

1975 Orlando, FL  

1976 Morgantown, WV  

1977 Columbia, MO  

1978 Seattle, WA  

1979 Albuquerque, NM  

1980 Biloxi, MS  

1981 Durham, NH  

1982 Columbus, OH  

1983 Laramie, WY  

1984 Louisville, KY  

1985 Estes Park, CO  

1986 Blacksburg, VA

1987 Indianapolis, IN

1988 Charlotte, NC

1989 Manhattan, KS

1990 Milwaukee, WI

1991 Portland, OR

1992 Burlington, VT

1993 New Orleans, LA

1994 Little Rock, AR

1995 Tulsa, OK

1996 Cincinnati, OH

1997 Los Angles, CA

1998 Bismarck, ND

1999 Kailua-Kona, Hi

2000 Tampa, FL

2001 Providence, RI

2002 St. Louis, MO

2003 Albuquerque, NM

2004 Richmond, VA

2005 Anchorage, AK

2006 Nashville, TN

2007 Omaha, NE

2008 Burlington, VT

2009 Portland, OR

2010 Grand Rapids, MI

2011 Northglenn, CO

2012 Erlanger, KY

2013 Fargo, ND

2014 Tucson, AZ

2015 Blue Springs, MO

2016 Memphis, TN

2017 Omaha, Nebraska

2018 Austin, Texas

2019 St. Louis, MO

2020 Covid-19 - Not Held

2021 Covid-19 - Held via Zoom

2022 Portland, OR

2023 Erlanger, KY














Judy W001.jpg
Ora Roop JPEG.jpg

Ora Roop


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