Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW)

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ACWW Objectives:

  • To work with people throughout the world.

  • To promote peace, friendship, and international             understanding.

  • To improve the standard of living for women and families

ACWW is a non-political, non-sectarian international organization of 9 million members in 420 member societies in 75 countries. It works to improve standards of living for all women and their families through its worldwide projects. ACWW also works with the United Nations on a consultative basis as a nongovernmental organization (NGO). The work of ACWW is supported through memberships, Pennies for Friendship donations, and contributions to the WE (Women Empowered) Fund Focus Areas. The ACWW Triennial, a world conference, is held every three years.

  1. Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW)

    1. Education

      1. Present program on the ACWW organization.

      2. Present program on ACWW projects.

      3. Present program on international countries and cultures.

      4. Study resolutions and recommendations. A copy of current resolutions and recommendations is available from National Headquarters or your State President.

    2. Action

      1. Friendship coin donations for operation of ACWW.

      2. Donations to ACWW funds.

        1. WE (Women Empowered) Fund

          • Education and Capacity Building​

          • Nutrition, Good Health and Well Being

          • Sustainable Agriculture Training and Development

          • Income Generation and Livelihood

          • Sustainable Water, Sanitation and Energy

          • Maternal and Reproductive Health

        2. Elsie Zimmern Fund

        3. Lady Aberdeen Scholarship

      3. Individual membership in ACWW.


In April 2019 Mrs Bonnie Teeples was elected as Area President for the United States of America for the 2019-2022 Triennium. Mrs Teeples joined the National Association for Family and Community Education because their values and those of ACWW ‘closely align with my personal values. I am first and foremost a wife and mother to six grown children and grandmother to eleven. I am very concerned about the issues that face families around the world. The work each organization does reflects what I think is important in life.’ She has served in various leadership and organizational capacities in several organizations and runs her own business with 140 vendors and oversees 9 employees. She is Study group Chairman and Secretary; County Council President, Secretary, Vice-President. Oregon FCE Membership Chairman, District Director 5, Vice President Public Policy, President. National FEC Public Policy Co-ordinator, Vice President Public Policy, President. National FCE Conference Chairman (4 years), Oregon FCE Conference Chair (3 conferences). Mrs Teeples served on byelaws and hand book revision committees and has written several educational pieces for National and Oregon FCE.

Mrs Bonnie Teeples ACWW - United States Area President 2019-2022

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