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State Projects

This page is provided so that States can display special  projects that they have done.   They can include community service projects,  ACWW projects and other projects of interest to other FCE states.  Displayed projects must have approval of the National FCE president.  After approval, please contact Scott Teeples ( email: 541-891-6456)  for information needed for the posting.  Pictures, names, dates, location, and other information is requested. 

Dog Rabies Vaccination and Chipping Clinic 

Southwest FCE - Yuma, Arizona - Saturday, November 19, 2022

This clinic was done as part of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) resolution dealing with problems of Rabies throughout the world.   The clinic was done on the same day as the 51st SWFCE Annual Bazaar.  SWFCE made all of the arrangements and donated $2,500.00 towards the costs of the of the vaccinations.  Those in attendance were Margaret Polen, Martha Crawford, Mary Bender, Marian Hannon, Bob Hannon, Bonnie Teeples, and Scott Teeples. 

2022 Bazaar flyer_001.jpg

Weighted Blanket Project

Cape County FCE of Missouri - June 2023


The Cape County FCE Clubs recently made 41 weighted blankets and 25 lap pads taken to the Autism Center in Cape Girardeau to be given to persons with autism.


In 2010 at the MAFCE Conference in Missouri we had a program on the topic of autism and how weighted blankets helped persons with autism. They had a pattern for weighted blankets and when we returned to Cape Girardeau County we planned a work day. Since 2010 we have made 1,174 blankets, 509 lap pads and 141 snakes. We have worked a total of 10,168 hours. Snakes are put around the persons neck. We give them to the autism center, schools that request them and individuals who ask for them. We had a feel good story from parents of a 4 year old child. They told us their child slept all night for the first time at 4 years when he slept with a weighted blanket. It has been a great appreciated project.

Missouri Weighted Blanket picture 1.jpg
Missouri Weighted Blanket picture 2.jpg

Montgomery County Fair Booth Display

Maryland FCE 2023

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