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Spirit of FCL Award Guidelines



*To recognize the individual or team which best exemplifies the philosophy of people taking control of their lives and changing their world for the better.


  1. Nominations for the SPIRIT OF FCL AWARD can be for an individual or for a team.

  2. Individuals and teams must have completed 30 hours of FCL training.

  3. Nominated individuals and/or teams must have completed/worked on their actions within the past three years.

Selection Process:

  1. SPIRIT OF FCL AWARD nomination form is available from State FCE President, State FCL Contact, National FCE Headquarters or by using the Spirit of FCL form.

  2. FCE Boards (when applicable) and FCL Boards/Public Policy Committees (when applicable) shall work cooperatively to determine the state nominiee(s).

  3. Each state may submit a copy of one nomination form for the SPIRIT OF FCL AWARD to the National FCE Board (addresses can be found on this page) postmarked no later than April 15. Mail original with photo to National FCE Headquarters.

  4. National FCE will select and recognize on SPIRIT OF FCL AWARD winner at the National FCE Conference with a specially designed Spirit of FCL glass sculpture and one complimentary conference registration.

  5. States are encouraged to recognize SPIRIT OF FCL AWARD nominees and winners at state FCE or FCL meetings/trainings or in another appropriate manner. Each state may honor its nominee(s) with an etched glass paperweight depicting the national award design (one per person/team member) which may be purchased from the National FCE Headquarters. Call 859-525-6401 to order catalog #ED/3044


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