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Sample FCE

Marketing/Promotions Committee “Sample FCE” Challenge


The Marketing/Promotions Committee was charged with recommending ways to promote FCE products/ materials and market FCE.  The marketing committee met with the membership committee at the 2006 fall board meeting, brainstormed and proposed several ideas to the board.  One of the ideas was a sample packet of materials and products to be given to other organizations and individuals. 


This can be a viable way to “market” FCE to different target audiences. For instance:


            A.  Young Families: include the Hearth Fire lesson on “Kitchen Concoctions,” any of the “Media” Hearth Fires, an FCE Friends storybook and stuffed animal, a membership brochure, a letter introducing FCE,  a list of available materials, and Headquarters information.


            B.   Parent Teacher Associations/Parent Patron Associations:  include all of the “Media” Hearth Fire lessons and perhaps the Hearth Fire “Recruiting and Keeping Members,” and, of course, the letter introducing our organization, membership brochure, list of materials, and Headquarters information.


            C.   Pre Schools/Day Care Centers:  include FCE Friends/Puppets, FCE Friends Storybooks to coincide with the FCE Friends,  Hearth Fire “Someone’s in the Kitchen Making Concoctions,”  “Kids for Character” video, information on the “Books for Newborns” project conducted in the local area.  Also include a letter introducing the organization, membership brochures and forms. Any other information about local child oriented programs sponsored by the local FCE groups.


            D.   Organizations similar to Rotary Clubs, American Association of University Women, local Chamber of Commerce and Quota Clubs:  Include Hearth Fires such as “Board Service: Leadership in Action,” “The Care and Feeding of Group Members,” and “True Leadership.”  Also include information on other materials available with an offer to bring programs such as “The Deadly Triangle of Violence” to their groups.  Make sure to include membership brochures and forms, information on the organization, and National and local contact information. 


National FCE is offering this as a challenge to the state organizations, and of course with the challenge to participate comes the incentive that there will be a PRIZE!!


Each state that participates in the “Sample FCE” challenge, fills out the report form, and mails it to the board chairman, by the deadline established, will be judged by the other state presidents.  The one chosen to be the winner will receive a gift certificate valued at $100.00 to be redeemed for National FCE materials.



 “Sample FCE” Challenge

Report Form


Purpose:  The purpose of the Sample FCE Marketing Project is to “market” FCE to potential new members.  National FCE has a wealth of information that can benefit many people if they only had access to it.  Using a variety of Hearth Fire booklets and other materials offered by FCE, target audiences get a broad overview of materials available by the organization, the benefits of membership, and a better understanding of the many areas FCE can benefit their communities.



  1. Choose your target audience

  2. Select the materials for use in the packet

  3. Set a time to meet with your contact

  4. Introduce yourself and the organization

  5. Explain the materials

  6. Set a date for a follow-up meeting

  7. Make sure you keep in touch with the contact person and be ready to answer questions


State: ________________________________          


Person Reporting: ______________________


Target Date: ___________________________


Target Audience: _______________________                     


Materials used: _________________________






Follow-up Meeting Date: _________________


How was the material used: ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Final results: _______________________________________________________________________________




Mail report by April 15 to Marketing Committee Chairman

Contact National FCE Headquarters for mailing information.

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