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Outstanding Unit Award Guidelines

National Association for Family and Community Education

Outstanding FCE Award


FCE Club/Study Group/Council Name ______________________________ State _______________________

FCE Club/Study Group/Council President ___________________________ Phone number _________________

FCE Club/Study Group/Council Contact Person _______________________ Phone Number ____ ____ ______

To qualify for this award the club or unit must do all of the following:

      1. Be represented at TWO of the following:
          District or Region Meeting                          Date ____________
          Annual State Conference or Meeting         Date ____________
          National FCE Conference                          Date ____________
          FCL Day at National Conference               Date ____________

      2. Collect National and State FCE dues for all club or study group members and mail by the established
          deadlines.                                                  Date ____________

      3. Participate in a national, state or local membership drive.            Date ____________

      4. Use at least four (4) National education programs
          per year. List them here:

      5. Provide two (2) sessions of leadership training to members from any of the
          approved FCL materials available from National FCE. List programs here:

      6. Participate in one community action project, networking with one or more
          groups. Apply for theNational FCE Community Service Award through your state organization.
          Name of project and date completed: ______________________

      7. Send in all required reports on time.

      8. Participate in National FCE Week the 2nd full week in October, and list your
          activity(ies) here:

      9. Explain how you have used PUBLIC RELATIONS to promote and market FCE:
         a. How did you use the local newspaper? ________________________________________
         b. How did you use TV or Radio? _______________________________________________
         c. How did you use National FCE Educational programs for non-members? ____________________________________

         d. What Community Service Projects did you participate in? ________________________________________________
         e. How did you promote any ACWW or International program? ______________________________________________
         f. How did you use the FamilyChoicE Media program? _____________________________________________________
         g. What did you do to celebrate Family and Communiity Education Week? _____________________________________
         h. Give any other information on ways you have used PUBLIC RELATIONS to promote and market FCE.

When mailing the Outstanding FCE Award form please include clippings, pictures, brochures, and anything else you used in the promotion or marketing of FCE.


Enclose them in a folder and mail by April 15th to:
National FCE Headquarters.
73 Cavalier Blvd., Suite 106
Florence, KY 41042-5178

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