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Heart of FCE Award Guidelines



*To pay special tribute to the unsung grassroots members who have made a difference in their communities through their FCE work.


  1. Must be a grassroots member nominated by his/her peers.

  2. Must be a current member of National FCE.

  3. Photo must accompany the form.

  4. State FCE president must sign form of state winner for the Heart of FCE Award.

Selection Process:

  1. Heart of FCE Award form is available from the State FCE President, the National FCE Headquarters, or by printing the Heart of FCE Award Form. 

  2. Clubs choose a nominee for the Heart of FCE Award. Individual efforts, projects and results, or other contributions made by nominee need to be included on the nomination form. Form and recent photo are sent to county/district FCE Association.

  3. County/District FCE Association selects the Heart of FCE Award winner and forwards the winner's form and photo to the state FCE Association.

  4. State FCE Association selects the Heart of FCE Award winner, the state president signs form and forwards the form and photo to National FCE Headquarters (address on form), postmarked no later than April 15.

  5. National FCE will recognize one Heart of FCE Award winner per state at the National FCE Conference with a specially designed Heart of FCE pin.

  6. Clubs, counties, districts and states are encouraged to recognize Heart of FCE nominees and award winners at their county, district or state meetings or in another appropriate manner with the Heart of FCE lapel pin. The lapel pin is a special design for use within the state and may be ordered from the National FCE Headquarters.

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