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FCE's India Project

National and State FCE support for women's groups in India for training in literacy, income producing crafts and health and nutrition education.

  1. Education

    1. Present program on India: its customs, food and economy.

    2. Discuss videos: "The Veerni Project," "When Women Unite," slides and scripts "FCE's India Project" available from National FCE Headquarters.

  2. Action

    1. Annual sponsorship for one women's group is $350.

    2. Annual sponsorship for a doctor, $60, one treadle sewing machine, $100, latrine, $30

    3. Donate embroidery thread for training in income producing skills.
      Send thread in small padded envelope marked "Used Thread" to:

      SM. Mamata Dutta, General Secretary
      Saroj Nalini Dutt Memorial Association
      23/1 Ballygunge Station Road
      Calcutta, India  700-019

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