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Community Service Award Guidelines

Community Service Report

Can be submitted to National FCE by State Affiliates, Area, District, County or Local groups. 

Recognize FCE groups who through their community service projects are changing the lives of others for the better.


Because of who we are and what we do, we are active in changing the lives around us for the better. Many of the projects that members do deserve recognition, but do not fall under the umbrella of any of the National FCE program awards. This award will encompass and honor those projects.

Each entry will receive a RECOGNITION CERTIFICATE. 

Each submission consists of a program report book, submitted on 8½X11 paper, stapled together, and will follow the format listed on the book criteria form.

A copy of the Community Service report book needs to be mailed to the State Affiliate and to National FCE Headquarters, 73 Cavalier Blvd Ste 106, Florence KY 41042, postmarked by April 15, of the current year.



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