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2023 National Conference Pictures

A special thanks to all of those that texted and emailed me pictures of the 2023 National Conference in Erlanger, Kentucky.

Contact Scott Teeples @ if you have any comments or questions.

2023 National FCE Conference


Front row (L/R): 1. Susie Martell; 2. Gloria Fisher; 3. Mary Klaproth; 4. Mary Alice Weber; 5. Linda Hanberry; 6. Kristin Walker; 7. Peggy Martens; 8. Barbara Brown-Beeman; 9. Denise Smith; 10. Mabel Quilliam. 

Second Row(L/R): 1.Cathy Mckown; 2 Connie Larington; 3. Cindy Mishtal; 4. Kathie Mack; 5, Pamela McIntyre-Albaro; 6.Willie Mae Miller; 7. Rita Barnett ; 8. Esther Button; 9. Jeanne Purich; 10. Lynn Barut; 11. Sharon Giacometti.

Back Row (L/R): 1. Margaret Cambra; 2. Margaret Polen; 3. Dorene Reimer; 4. Leslie Sharpe; 5. Emily Gordon; 6. Scott Teeples; 7. Tammy Haliburton ; 8. Ruth Garrett; 9. Debbie Johnson, 10. Elenora Mallory; 11. Judy Fullmer; 12. Patricia Woods; 13. Faye Spencer; 14. Regina McCathern; 15. Bonnie Teeples; 16; Martha Crawford.

(Not in picture: Willa Habsen Steichen)

2023 NAFCE HQ clean up crew.jpg
2023 Judy Jones - NAFCE HQ.jpg

Judy Jones @ HQ

Judy Jones & CU Crew @ HQ

All pictures can be downloaded.  Place cursor on picture, right click and save image on your computer.

There are several duplations of pictures.  Several were sent to me more than once. 

Note: Approximate time to compile and post all pictures on website: 18+ FCE Volunteer hours.