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Credit  Card Purchases -Minimum $10.00 Order plus shipping cost

You may call in your order or use the Order Form below to send in your order.  Please include Item#, Item Description, Item Cost.  Contact Judy Jones at Headquarters to complete and pay for order.  



1.ED/1001   All Stressed Up...And A Million Places To Go  $5.00

2.ED/1002   Are Bullies For Real  $5.00

3.ED/1003   I Just Caught Up With Yesterday!  $5.00

4.ED/1004   Mentoring: The Purpose, Challenge  $5.00

5.ED/1005   A Little Fluff In Your Ear  $5.00

6.ED/1006   Cocoons of Culture  $5.00

7.ED/1007   Degree of Life  $5.00

8.ED/1008   Difficult People: Handle With Care  $5.00

9.ED/1009   "Don't Do It! Delegate"  $5.00

10.ED/1010   Energized Communications  $5.00

11.ED/1011   "Energizing A New Wave of Volunteers"  $5.00

12.ED/1012   From calm  $5.00

13.ED/1013   Leadership 101: The Budding Leader  $5.00

14.ED/1014   Let's Talk  $5.00

15.ED/1015   Letting Go With All Your Might  $5.00

16.ED/1016   "Now You're the Teacher!"  $5.00

17.ED/1017   Some Assembly Required  $5.00

18.ED/1018   "So You're a Volunteer"  $5.00

19.ED/1019   Ten Ways To K.I.S.S. In Public  $5.00

20.ED/1020   The Care And Feeding Of Group Members  $5.00

21.ED/1021   True Leadership  $5.00

22.ED/1022   Board Service: Leadership In Action  $5.00

23.ED/1023I   Have A Little Shadow  $5.00

24.ED/1024   Putting CHARACTER COUNTS! to Work In Your Life  $5.00

25.ED/1025   Stepping Up To The Plate  $5.00

26.ED/1026    Whooo, Me?  $5.00

27.ED/1027   A You Can Do It!  $5.00

28.ED/1099   The Deadly Triangle, Media Violence: Its Effects on Woman  $5.00

29.ED/1100   Returning to the Workforce And/Or How Volunteering Can Work for You  $5.00

30.ED/1102   Mommy, Where Do Volunteers Come From?  $5.00

31.ED/1103   Effective Teaching  $5.00

32.ED/1121   The Meeting Will Come To Order  $5.00

33.ED/1122   Making Your World A Better Place  $5.00

34.ED/1123   Finding The Best Answer Resolving Community Issues  $5.00

35.ED/1124   The Big Picture How Adults Learn Teaching Techniques  $5.00

36.ED/1125   MENTORING Helping You Believe In Yourself A lesson in Volunteering and Mentoring  $5.00

37.ED/1126   The Power of Teaching How to Use Powerful Teaching Methods  $5.00

38.ED/1127   Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones Conflict Management  $5.00

39.ED/1128   Leading With Knowledge and Influence  $5.00

40.ED/1129   POINT MADE! Focus on how to make your self better understood.  $5.00

41.ED/1132   Ready or not Ready Understanding Robert's Rules So You Know What To DO  $5.00

42.ED/1133   What is Public Policy? How is it Different From Private Policy?   $5.00

43.ED/1134   Being Prepared for "CHANGE" Learn to look at different levels of change and transition within our life.  $5.00

44.ED/1135   From Start to Finish Group Process The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How groups are formed.  $5.00

45.ED/1136   The Orville & Wilbur Technique Select the "Wright" Way To Teach  $5.00

46.ED/1137   Never Underestimate the Power of "ONE" Motivate others to use good judgment in becoming       informed and exercising their voice in government policy decisions.  $5.00

47.ED/1138   How to Lead a Group to Good Decisions  $5.00

48.ED/1200   Come Ride with us for an Adventure in Public Policy  $5.00

49.ED/1201   Generations at Odds!!  $5.00

50.ED/1202   Love Is Decisions, Decisions, Decisions  $5.00


52.ED/1204   LEADERSHIP Developing Your Leadership  $5.00

53.ED/1205   HOW BIG IS YOUR HEART? Volunteering  $5.00


55.ED/1207   The Power of Teaching: Creating & Giving Effective Presentations  $5.00


57.ED/1209   Why Parli Pro? "Ready or Not Ready"  $5.00

58.ED/1210   SO YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED!  $5.00

59.ED/1211   Do You Fear Public Speaking?  $5.00

60.ED/1212   Building Teamwork  $5.00

61.ED/1213   Popping Pills:RX Drug Abuse  $5.00

62.ED/1214   V is for Very Valuable Volunteers  $5.00

63.ED/1215   Stars and Stripes Forever  $5.00

64.ED/1216   PowerPoint Basics. Developing A Great Visual Presentation  $5.00

65.ED/1217   Motivating Members Great Groups Terrific Teams Group Process  $5.00

66.ED/1218   Character Building Starts at Home  $5.00


67.ED/1220   What are Your Medications Telling You  $5.00

68.ED/1221   Stop This Epidemic Now: Opioids  $5.00

69.ED/1222   GROW AS A VOLUNTEER  $5.00
68.ED/1223   Wills, Trusts, and Funeral Plans $5.00

69.ED/1224   Are You Driving, Miss Daisy? $5.00

70.ED/1225   Communicating in the 21st Century $5.00

CHARACTER COUNTS!  Mix and Match to make a package of 10 -$2.50

1.ED/1054 Series 1: Trustworthiness  $0.25

2.ED/1055Series 2: Respect $0.25
3.ED/1056Series 3: Responsibility $0.25

4.ED/1076Series 4: Fairness $0.25

5.ED/1077Series 5: Caring $0.25

6.ED/1078Series 6: Citizenship $0.25

Miscellaneous Books

1.ED/1084   Installations Booklet  $5.00

2.ED/1101   Old Tyme Games and Activities  $6.00

3.ED/1170101   WAYS TO CELEBRATE THE FAMILY Poster  $1.50

4.ED/1081   FCE TV Ratings Bookmark 50 for $1.25 next 200 $2.00  
*This Quantity must be bought first before larger quantities can be purchased.*50 200 $1.25 $4.00


Hearth Fire Series  Mix & Match to make a package of 10 - $3.00

Please Note: Hearth Fire Series #1,#2, #6, #10, #14, #19, #20, #35 and #42 are no longer available

1.ED/1030   Hearth Fire Series 3: Someone's In The Parlor...Minding Their Manners $0.30
2.ED/1031   Hearth Fire Series 4: Someone's In The Supermarket...Buying Safe Food $0.30

Also Available in Spanish 
3.ED/1032   Hearth Fire Series 5: Someone's In The Family Room..."Mommy, What Can I Watch?" $0.30

4.ED/1033   Hearth Fire Series 6: Someone's In A Meeting...Serving As A Delegate $0.30

5.ED/1034   Hearth Fire Series 7: Woman to Woman...Searching for CHOCOLATE $0.30

Also Available in Spanish 
6.ED/1035   Hearth Fire Series 8: Woman to Woman...Learning About Mammograms and Pap Tests $0.30

7.ED/1035A   Hearth Fire Series 8A:  Person to Person...Does Your Engine Purr? $0.30

8.ED/1036   Hearth Fire Series 9: Someone’s in the Living Room...With an Eye for Redecorating $0.30

9.ED/1037   Hearth Fire Series 10: Someone’s in a Meeting...Making Good Decisions $0.30

10.ED/1038   Hearth Fire Series 11: Someone’s in the USA...Showing Respect for the Flag  $0.30

11.ED/1039   Hearth Fire Series 12: Someone’s. in Public...A quick “how-to” on Eye Catching Displays $0.30 

12.ED/1040   Hearth Fire Series 13: Women to Women…Bone Breaking Facts  $0.30

13.ED/1040A   Hearth Fire Series 13A: Person to Person...Here's to your Health $0.30

14.ED/1042   Hearth Fire Series 15: Someone's Saying... "Move the 'Write' Way" $0.30

15.ED/1043   Hearth Fire Series 16: Woman to Woman... "Body talk" Facts about ovarian cancer $0.30

16.ED/1044   Hearth Fire Series 17: Someone's Saying...Electronic Manners Count, Too! $0.30

17.ED/1045   Hearth Fire Series 18: Woman to Woman...Do I Have Diabetes? $0.30

18.ED/1048   Hearth Fire Series 21: Someone's in a Meeting...Practicing Proper Protocol $0.30

19.ED/1049   Hearth Fire Series 22: Woman to Woman...Forgetfulness or Alzheimers? $0.30

20.ED/1050   Hearth Fire Series 23: Person to Person...More than Skin Deep? $0.30

21.ED/1051   Hearth Fire Series 24: Person to Person...Minding Your Social P's and Q's $0.30

22.ED/1052   Hearth Fire Series 25: Someone's Asking...What Household Records Do I Keep? $0.30

23.ED/1053   Hearth Fire Series 26: Woman to Woman...Celebrating You! Your Health $0.30

24.ED/1086   Hearth Fire Series 27: Someone's In The USA Saying...Show Me the Power of Healing Foods $0.30

25.ED/1087   Hearth Fire Series 28: Someone's In The USA Asking...Can I Be a Lobbyist? $0.30

26.ED/1088   Hearth Fire Series 29: Woman to Woman...Why Should Love Hurt? $0.30

27.ED/1089   Hearth Fire Series 30: Woman to Woman...Resisting the Deadly Triangle of Violence $0.30

28.ED/1096   Hearth Fire Series 31: Person to Person...Serving on a Board $0.30

29.ED/1097   Hearth Fire Series 32: Person to Person...Can We Talk? $0.30

30.ED/1098   Hearth Fire Series 33: Person to Person...Resolving Conflict $0.30

31.ED/1104   Hearth Fire Series 34:Organization to Organization...Recruiting and Keeping Members $0.30

32.ED/1106  Hearth Fire Series 36: Person to Person....Guidelines for Developing a Dynamic Group $0.30

33.ED/1107  Hearth Fire Series 37: Someone's in the USA...Court(ing)the Judicial System $0.30

34.ED/1108 Hearth Fire Series 38: Video Games! Coming To A Screen Near You $0.30

35.ED/1109  Hearth Fire Series 39: Someone's the Cyberhighway friend or foe? $0.30

36.ED/1110  Hearth Fire Series 40: Books, the Other Channel $0.30

37.ED/1111   Hearth Fire Series 41: Someone's in the kitchen...Making Concoctions $0.30

38.ED/1112   Hearth Fire Series 42: Kids Gone Wild??? It's Our Own Fault" $0.30

39.ED/1113   Hearth Fire Series One each of Hearth Fire Series   $15.00

40.ED/1114   Hearth Fire Series #43:Someone's in the World....Being Green $0.30
41.ED/1115   Hearth Fire Series #44: A child is Asking....Take me to the Movies $0.30

42.ED/1116   Hearth Fire Series #45: Someone's Looking in the Mirror...and Sees the Face of Arthritis $0.30

43.ED/1117   Hearth Fire Series #46: Someone's Asking...What is Sexting and Cyberbullying? $0.30

44.ED/1118   Hearth Fire Series #47: Woman to Woman...Look Fit and Fabulous at ANY AGE $0.30

45.ED/1119   Hearth Fire Series #48: Someone's Singing...Money Money Mon ney $0.30

46.ED/1120   Hearth Fire Series #49: Someone's Asking...Paper, Plastic, or Neither? $0.30

47.ED/1139   Hearth Fire Series #50: WOMAN TO WOMAN...How Do We Talk about Autism? $0.30 

48.ED/1140  Hearth Fire Series #51: Loving the Men in Your Life... Understanding How to Keep Them Healthy $0.30

49.ED/1141   Hearth Fire Series #52: TAKE IT TO THE STREET...THE MEDIA STREET $0.30

50.ED/1143  Hearth Fire Series #53: Someone's Asking...What is Chronic Pain?$0.30

51.ED/1144   Hearth Fire Series #54: Is There A Vaccine to Cure Rudeness? $0.30

52.ED/1145   Hearth Fire Series #55: Dress For Success - Teen Edition $0.30

53.ED/1146   Hearth Fire Series #56 Someone is saying...Strut your Stuff Developing Great Brochures $0.30

54.ED/1147   Hearth Fire Series #57 Someone's Asking...How Can We Stretch Our Food Budget? $0.30


56.ED/1149   Hearth Fire Series #59 ADVANCE DIRECTIVES-DO I WANT/NEED THEM $0.30

57.ED/1150   Hearth Fire Series #60 Someone's asking...What is Maternal Health? $0.30

58.ED/1151   Hearth Fire Series #61 Hope on the Horizon...Finding, Recruiting and Retaining new FCE members $0.30

59.ED/1152   Hearth Fire Series #62 Someone's asking...about Human Trafficking $0.30

60.ED/1153   Hearth Fire Series #63 Grandparents Raising Grandchildren $0.30

61.ED/1154   Hearth Fire Series #64 Someone's asking...How do I manage my Obesity? $0.30

62.ED/1155   Hearth Fire Series #65 Someone's Asking... How is technology affecting my Family? $0.30

63.ED/1156   Hearth Fire Series #66 Someone's asking...Are You a Sugar Addict?$0.30 

64.ED/1157   Hearth Fire Series #67 Aging in Place...Aging Well $0.30

65.ED/1158   Hearth Fire Series #68 Someone's in the Home...Eating Healthy Food $0.30
66.ED/1159   Hearth Fire Series #69 Asking for a Friend...How Does Aging Affect My Senses? $0.30

67.ED/1160   Hearth Fire Series #70 Someone's in the Kitchen...Using Their New Gadget $0.30

68.ED/1161   Hearth Fire Series #71 Somebody's asking...What is ACWW and how does FCE fit in? $0.30

Stuffed Animals

1.ED/1068 FCE Friend: Micka the "Citizenship" Monkey  $5.00

2.ED/1069 FCE Friend: Buzzee the "Trustworthy" Bee  $5.00

3.ED/1092 FCE Friend: Icky the "Respectful" Parrot  $5.00

4.ED/1093 FCE Friend: Squeak the "Fairness" Mouse  $5.00 

FCE Friends Storybooks  Mix and Match to make a package of 5 - $4.00

1.ED/1062 The Adventures of FCE Friends "Webster's Homework" (Responsibility) 
Mix & Match to make a package of 5. $0.80

2.ED/1063 The Adventures of FCE Friends "A Valuable Lesson From Micka" (Citizenship) 
Mix & Match to make a package of 5. $0.80

3.ED/1065 The Adventures of FCE Friends "Buzzee's Big Day" (Trustworthiness) 
Mix & Match to make a package of 5. $0.80

4.ED/1090 The Adventures of FCE Friends "The Club That Icky Built" (Respect) 
Mix & Match to make a package of 5. $0.80

5.ED/1091 The Adventures of FCE Friends "Squeak Says Fairness Rules" (Fairness) 
Mix & Match to make a package of 5. $0.80

6.ED/1130 The Adventures of FCE Friends "Buzzee and the Internet Caper
Mix & Match to make a package of 5. $0.80

7.ED/1131 The Adventures of FCE Friends "Tubee's Sleep Over" 
Mix & Match to make a package of 5. $0.80

8.Ed/1142 The Adventures of The FCE Friends "Icky Learns to be Trustworthy
Mix & Match to make a package of 5. $0.80

Lapel Pins

1.ED/1057 FCE Friends: "Tubee" Pin  $1.00

2.ED/1058 FCE Friends: "Buzzee" (Bee)  $3.00

3.ED/1059 FCE Friends: "Clarence" (Dragon)  $3.00

4.ED/1060 FCE Friends: "Webster" (Turtle)  $3.00

5.ED/1070 FCE Friends "Micka" (Monkey)  $3.00

6.ED/1075 Set of Storybook, FCE Friend Stuffed Animal, and lapel pin of any one of the FCE Friends  $12.00

7.ED/1094 FCE Friends: "Icky" (Parrot)  $3.00

8.ED/1095 FCE Friends: "Squeak" (Mouse)  $3.00​

Emblematic Items   

Officer Pins $5.00 Each

1.EM/3001   President
2.EM/3002  Vice President

3.EM/3003  Past President

4.EM/3004  Secretary

5.EM/3005  Treasurer

6.EM/3006  Chaplain

7.EM/3007  Honorary

8.EM/3009  President-Elect  

Year Pins $5.00 Each~5,10, and 15 year pins are no longer available

1.EM/3013   20 Year

2.EM/3014   25 Year 

3.EM/3015   30 Year 

4.EM/3016   35 Year

5.EM/3017   40 Year

6.EM/3018   45 Year

7.EM/3019  50 Year

8.EM/3020  55 Year

9.EM/3021   60 Year

10.EM/3022  65 Year

11.EM/3023  70 Year

12.EM/3048  75 Year

Miscellaneous Pins

1.EM/3025   Gavel Pin  $2.00

2.EM/3026   FCL Logo Pin  $2.00

3.EM/3027   Heart of FCE Pin To be ordered by State President  $3.75

4.EM/3028   FCE Charm   $3.50

5.EM/3029   Member Pin  $5.00

6.EM/3030   FCE Oval Pin - Gold  $5.00

7.EM/3031    FCE Oval Pin-Silver  $5.00

8.EM/3032   FCE Eyeglass Pin  $5.00

9.EM/3033   Member Pin w/Gavel  $7.00

10.EM/3039   Hanger Pin w/Ribbon  $8.00

11.EM/3041   Plaque Emblem  $5.00

12.EM/3044 Spirit of FCL Glass Paperweight For State Winners   $20.00

13.EM/3047   American and FCE Flag w/base  $5.00

14.EM/3040   Recognition Ribbon w/Gold Seal 1 - 99  $0.75 Each 100 +$0.65

15. EM/3043   FCE Rhinestone Pin $10.00


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