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Welcome to FCE

A grass roots, volunteer organization dealing with family issues before they become leading social concerns.

Welcome to our network of women and men who are taking a stand for families....

who are determined to change their communities for the better...

who are enriching their own lives....

and who are empowering others to reach for the same dreams.

Home Page

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FCE ... forever young!


National FCE Creed

We will strive to promote a better way of life for all through fellowship, continuing education and service;  To provide guidance in our homes and communities by the uniting of people to make the world a better place in which to live.  May we have pride in our roles as homemakers and family and community educators, and may our hearts be filled with joy as we serve.  Let us always be conscious of the needs of others and be strengthened by the "Divine Light" that guides us all.

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