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Superior Unit Award


FCE Club/Study Group/Council Name ____________________________ State _______________________
FCE Club/Study Group/Council President _________________________ Phone Number ____ ____ ______
FCE Club/Study Group/Council Contact Person ____________________ Phone Number ____ ____ ______

FCE Club, Study Group, and or Council will be referred to as "UNIT" in the remainder of this application.

Send documentation of the following requirements with this form.

Requirements for Superior Award:
      •  Achieve Outstanding Award Status AND
      •  Complete any six (6) of the following:

      1. Conduct or participate in the National FCL Day workshops for members and officers.

      2. Have at least one (1) member of the unit receive all training and apply for the Family
          Community Leadership (FCL) Leader Certificate.

      3. Have at least one (1) member of the unit complete all training and apply for the Family
          Community Leadership (FCL) Trainer Certificate.

      4. Participate, as a unit, in the CHARACTER COUNTS! Essay and Artwork contest for 4th
          grade students.

      5. Use at least two (2) Hearth Fire Programs as educational programs during the current year.

      6. Collect and submit "Coins For Friendship" to the National Treasurer.

      7. Participate in National FCE's International Programs and Projects.

      8. Participate in National FCE Day of the Family project: "Books for Newborns."

      9. Plan and conduct a community outreach program on Family ChoicE-Media, using the Media
          Hearth Fire lessons and other materials.  Document what the program was, how it was
          achieved, and numbers reached.

      10. Collect money for the National "Dollars for Leadership" fund and send to National Treasurer.

Make copy of this form and the documentation mail to National FCE Headquarters.
MUST be postmarked no later than April 15, of given year.

Please click here for printable Report Form.

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