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The National Association for Family and Community Education has been a strong voice in promoting a healthier and better life for individuals, families, and communities. Building on the strength of the family as the center of a strong citizenry, FCE has a rich history of accomplishments.

Assembling in Washington, D.C. in 1936, a determined group of rural farm women had a vision... to strengthen adult education, to share their good sense and experience for improvement of home and community life, and to initiate and promote projects of national importance for the protection of the American family. That vision became the mission of the newly formed organization..

Early efforts focused on support for a national school lunch program, development of local public health services, immunization programs for children, implementation of the first bookmobiles, and national safety programs. Recent efforts resulted in the establishment of the content-based television programming system for children and families.

Keeping pace with the evolving needs of society, FCE focuses today on three major concerns:

A) CONTINUING EDUCATION: FCE provides curriculum for members to help adults, youth and children to fulfill their potential as viable, contributing members of society;

B) DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP: FCE provides training for emerging leaders and opportunities to practice techniques to develop confidence for leadership positions. Family Community Leadership (FCL) is FCE's certified leadership development program which enables citizens to better understand issues and to impact public policy relating to families and communities. It provides a structure to learn leadership skills and offers opportunities to practice these skills, developing confidence in leadership positions.

C) COMMUNITY ACTION: FCE conducts an annual nationwide campaign to bring awareness for the positive effect television programming can have on children and their families. FCE members provide opportunities for individuals, families and communities to join them in improving literacy for adults and children, practicing environmental stewardship, promoting health and nutrition, and role modeling ethical values.

Times change, but the needs of people remain the same. The strength of the National Association for Family and Community Education is the commitment of its membership in caring for and sharing with others.

Times change, but the needs of people remain the same.

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